Holistic Living Project.


 At the Holistic Living Project - Midtown Elizabeth (HLPME) we believe any and all problems can be successfully addressed through a holistic approach - education, legal assistance, financial counseling, conflict resolution services and spiritual guidance to empower those in need. With that in mind, we provide low-cost or no-cost immigration, financial and social services to those who can barely or not afford these services.



What we do.


HLPME provides social services, legal counseling, and limited representation for clients in the Union County area on an availability basis. Most of this representation is provided by high quality volunteer attorneys engaged in private practice who work with HLPME to help make access to justice a reality for all.






Family immigration

Consult with an attorney in a confidential, professional environment. We can assist you with your DACA, Adjustment of Status, or Naturalization matters. We also assist with juvenile and domestic violence situations.


A directed process helping two or more individuals seek resolution of personal and material conflicts. Spiritual principles facilitate relational reconciliation and resolution of material issues. This process assists the individuals, through recognizing what they have contributed to the conflict, leading to reconciling through confession, repentance, and forgiveness. Specific decisions are recorded in a written agreement.



Financial and Social Services

Our goal is to help individuals and families live in financial freedom. Getting out of debt, living on a budget, and having money in the bank is the roadmap. Classes are formed on a rolling basis. Call to join or schedule.



Trainings to the community 

Providing timely, relevant information on issues that effect individuals and families in order to educate, empower and to become agents of change in our community.

Midtown Elizabeth.


HLPME is located in the heart of Elizabeth, New Jersey. We are conveniently situated in the Union County-seat, and a mere fifteen minute drive from Executive Office of Immigration Review in Newark, New Jersey.